Grape Flavor Blunt Wrap – Terpene Infused

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Who doesn’t like a mouth watering Grape Blunt these days?  These little beauties have a special flavor bomb inside the roach which once popped you can enjoy the flavor enhancer of the Terpenes and bring out that tasty Grape edge on your favorite flowers.

“Nature is the purest portal to inner peace.” – Angie Weiland-Crosby and here we are to deliver the best option for you to find your own inner peace!

King Cheroot recently launched in Thailand and we have tried all of their blunt wrap flavors and approved only the finest flavors for our customers!

We usually find with leaf blunt wraps that the burn can be harsh on the throat and leads to uncomfortable smoking but we were pleasantly surprised to find these smooth and slow burning to keep our throats happy and dutchie burning!

Foil Wrapped for freshness these blunt wraps will keep well or are ready to smoke as they arrive. Resealable package so you can enjoy them with friends at your pleasure.

These Blunt Wraps are pre rolled with a holder so no licking and sticking required just fill the blunt and away you go.

Each Blunt wrap will generally hold 1 gram of product.

Want to Go Wild? Get your Grape on today!

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